Thursday 8 February 2018

Non-Artificial Intelligence

In order to live a real life, we need one thing: a purpose. A meaning for everything we do. I mentioned in one or two posts on this blog that, for last couple of years, I have been feeling that I am losing my motivation, for I've been freeing myself from old schemas of thinking imprinted in the process of incorrect upbringing. I have been torn between well known path of "dealing" with  the problems and something completely new, what seemed to be so scary as if I was looking to the abyss. I didn't see my purpose. And meaningless life is the worst scenario for everyone. 

I discovered an interesting thing: every goal to be achieved, every stage to be closed and every small step I need to make are already in me and nowhere else. They are hidden deep in the dark, like paths of code written down for an intelligent machine. But they are overwritten by bad deeds of my parents and of my own wrong choices. So I can either follow commands of this damaged code or make an effort and get to the source code written by the Author who doesn't want the meaningless life for me.

How to reach access to the Source Code of mine? By trusting. By being peaceful. By being patient. By being focused. By loving and respecting myself. By following my heart.

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