Sunday 5 July 2015

Right Here, Right Now

Everyday I watch atrocities that some evil people make to another people. I sometimes regret I saw the images of decapitated bodies of little kids whose only "sin" was being a christian; footages of executions of innocent men, drowned in cages or pushed out of the roofs... It seems there are no limits for those imaginations of those thugs who are making up next methods of tormenting and killing, and that there is no end for the hell on Earth. 
As the pictures come to my mind, and when I realised what I saw, it hits my body, makes me a real pain and wakes vengeance desire. 
I feel anger - also because of people who do nothing about it. I want to act, I want to change something.

I ask myself: What can I do with such evil? 

Once, after long fight, when I let my tears to flow during passionate prayers, this thought came to me: there is always a war around us for it is inside us, and the vengeance puts me on the same side where the evil is. And, indeed, there is something I can do to change it - I just should be a good person. It will be one essential effect of my "being-a-good-person" operation: I may stop spreading of the evil right here and right now, in my nearest circuit. 
And then I realised a second truth: I have met really bad people right here right now, without going to far countries where all these atrocities, I watch every day, take place, so it could come a day when also we will wake up in the hell on Earth for there were too little good persons around us.

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