Friday 12 February 2016

Questions & Answer Day

Have you heard Beyonce's hit "Why don't you love me"? Well, I must admit I find this song as one of the best in the singer's repertoire. I admire Beyonce and her work, however I always look forward a good text rather than music (and this is why I like some films that didn't gain critics' and audience's applause). 
The song stroke me from the first hearing. Because the song is about women like me. If you read my previous posts you know most of my miserable life was filled with attempts of finding someone who will love me. Well, to be more precise, I wanted to know what I am supposed to do to make some people love and accept me. Exactly like the woman from the video "Why don't you love me?" And this isn't only about boys and men, but everyone, beginning from my lousy parents.
There is, though, difference between me and the woman from video: I asked myself a little bit different question. The day, when I became Miss Perfect, appear eventually. It looked like I have everything to fit... And, of course, there still were people who didn't love me, who weren't pleased. But not them are the problem. Oh! Contrary! I started to have big issues with those who "bought" the new me. So I asked: "Why didn't you love me then?" 
The answer is obvious: they don't love me at all, and never did, and never will. 
Today, I'm asking myself: do I really need their love? 

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