Monday 18 December 2017

December Hat-Trick

So, it's done - "Guide For (Ultimate) Losers" is available on Amazon for every reader who is too lazy to click post by on post this very blog. 

What is interesting, today is a special day also because one of magazines from IT sector published an article I wrote with my colleague about cloudiators. Yep, I am a journalist again (this is my first occupation and profession), and I am an "expert" in branch that was always far from my personal interests.

And there is a third reason this Monday is not an ordinary day. Eight years ago, exactly 18th of December, I launched my very first blog. The blog doesn't exist anymore, but the next ones turned out to be very profitable for me, though not in terms of money. (I assume, this time I will be broke too).

Is it some kind of closed cycle finally? Does it mean I left my loop without falling into another one? This year, I indeed finished some "old cases" that had been tormenting me for over a decade. And I feel very odd with that fact... 

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