Sunday 28 October 2018

Tormented since the Cradle

I read somewhere that Franz Kafka was convinced that he shouldn't write, because 'God doesn't want that'. Well, if you'd read his biography (Kafka's, not God's), you'd realise that he probably was transferring his feelings from his father to the Almighty. 

From my experience - of a writer and a child of bad parent - God is the first and sometimes the only Person on this world that wants us to develop our talents, simply because He gave us them as a gift to be developed. It is not in our parents' interest to see us thriving and being successful. Why? Because, in their crooked minds, such situation may cause they will lose control and they won't be able to do with us whatever they want (they are also jealous, mean or just stupid). Of course, not every parent wants to manipulate and control the kids... But there are also mothers and fathers who want to exploit the skills of their children - just look at some sportsmen and sportswomen, destroyed by sick ambitions of the people who should have took care of them instead of tormenting them since the cradle times.

But let's get back to Kafka. We share the same birth date and, unfortunately, the same conviction that God doesn't want us to be happy and to do what we love... And again - I need to verify this belief, for it is very unfair towards God and His plan for me. 

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