Wednesday 22 May 2019


There is this huge common misconception among 'healthy' people that mental illnesses are incurable. As a result, they seem to demand from ill persons to behave and think in a certain way. Shrinks express such opinions loudly and without any shade of shame. Others just signalize these expectations in a more concealed way. 

Many doctors and therapists, once the diagnosis is announced, list the things the patient should do or think and, above all, they say that this is "for the rest of your life". This approach let them control, not cure, patients. It takes away the responsibility from their shoulders, they can wear their 'normal' clothes and go back home after the shift without guilt. 

I experienced this situation only once. And I told myself I will do whatever I can to prove them wrong. It is possible that, when the time is good, I will sue the doctor and whole the ward I was 'treated' in. 

I solved my problems. I found the cure. I discovered the truth about myself, about my non-mother, non-family, non-teachers, non-doctors... It took me over six years though it shouldn't have been such a struggle if I  only have had a good treatment. 

But it is not the time for regrets. Now, it is time to live. 

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