Monday 14 October 2019

Come back to Earth, watch 'Ad Astra'

[This post contains spoilers]

The Ad Astra movie is not as killer as' Joker'' is. It is also a good piece of work, though. I found many negative opinions about it on the Polish internet; the viewers seemed disappointed, as if they expected something else. Well, I didn't expect anything. I wanted to spend last Sunday evening at the cinema, and the film about space travel is always the right choice for me. I received more than anticipated.

The subject of this movie could be easily depicted in the theatre, in the mere scene, without all these special effects and divine music (OMG! I love Max Richter, and this was the most delightful surprise hearing his compositions). But special effects also played a significant part, not only as stage directions.

In a few words, the movie 'Ad Astra' describes complicated relationships between father and son. It says about bad parenting and how it impacts the next generation's life. And the lives of many other people. It shows that the father is responsible for his son's future, emotional state, essential choices. But luckily, it also points out that the grown-up son becomes accountable for his own development if the father lets him down. While this journey - at some point even absurd, if we consider crazy flying monkeys - was an allegory of desperate attempts to save the absent parent. It was about saving, bringing him back where he should have been all the time, and convincing him that his 'mission' is, in fact, a delusion. The son would do anything to change his past, even fly to the fringe of the heliosphere.

It is not said directly, but the son realized and accepted that his father wasn't a hero. He stopped protecting his father's perfect picture and started seeing his life from the proper perspective. He could come back to Earth - in a metaphoric and literal sense.

As for the absurdity of some scenes, there is a possibility that this whole story was in Roy's head only. This was how he coped with a bleeding wound of an abandoned child. This was his healing journey, becoming a mature and free person.

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