Monday 23 December 2019

Judgement Day

Dependency mode I wrote about stands on a stable conviction that whatever I do or say must be assessed by someone else. Only some other people can give us the right to undertake specific actions and, worse, to live in general. We seldom ask who gave them this right and rarely ask why we gave it away. But these are the fundamental issues of ours. 

It is a matter of mindset - we are led by thoughts that impact our bodies, emotions, and decision processes, yet we are unaware of them. Significant people and authorities had imprinted these thoughts a long time ago at that time, and there is no surprise that their interest was to make us obedient puppets. In plain words, we were taught what to think, not how to think

Dependency mode causes we are afraid of being judged and condemned. The more we are scared, the bigger the risk of becoming a developed narc or a suicide (the latter, more likely), for we do not belong to ourselves. Never! And for many of us, there comes the day when this one wrong assessment is too much to handle. 

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