Tuesday 9 August 2016

Next Station: The Coven

They are multi-talented women. They have charm, sense of humor, bright minds, popularity... They are shining diamonds among the female part of population. But, if they were not loved as little girls, as adult persons they become true Witches. All the gifts they came to the world with are directed to one purpose: controlling other people. They literally use black magic, their own spells, in order to manipulate, destroy, play with feelings of other people... to make themselves happy, at last.
The Witches however die unhappy, for they realise, at the final days, that they did not succeed, that something went wrong, but not always they know what it was. 
Unfortunately I witnessed the death of my grandmother - one of the most talented Witches I met. After her demise I had been so depressed that I even had memory loss episodes. I knew... I was just aware, deeply in my soul, how much she suffered. This was my agony too, also because she didn't give me the true love the real grannies give to their grandchildren. All in vain, whole life, filled with fight, turned out to be journey into wrong place... 
My mother. Yes, she is Witch as well. And she taught me all the spells she inherited from her mother. Beautiful, talented, smart and... so evil, only because she wanted to deny her misery against herself.
Princes' and Princesses' mothers. Mistresses of controlling, steering other people's lifes, especially their own offspring. They brain-wash the sons' and daughters' minds since the craddle. They push the children to make the choices that would fill  the empty hole in their souls. But they don't know that they are the slaves, for they cannot control their own lives, so they produce another generation of unhappy slaves.
Am I the Witch? 
I know how to be one. And I can be really good bad person, if not controlling myself. 

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