Wednesday 10 November 2021

Real-life Squid Game

If you happened to watch the second episode of the Netflix series "Squid Game," what did you make of the decision of the people who came back to the game? 

I thought: "Losers!"

...and only a few weeks later, I did precisely the same.

Two months ago, I got seriously sick. It was Friday, and I attended an online meeting with two colleagues when I felt un lucid. To make the story short - for the first time in my life, I was SURE I would die, and when I realized I may get better somehow, I didn't expect to recover any soon. Yet, after only eight weeks, I am here again, working, meeting with the very same colleagues, and delivering the documentation. 

When I discovered I got a very high fever, I knew, I was entirely sure that the real reason for my sickness - the result of the immune system's collapse - was my work, the environment I found myself in. And, for the most time, I had promised myself I would never return there. But when they called saying they were waiting, I automatically, as if I was some brainless robot, answered, "OK, I'll be there soon." 

I know this game is dangerous; it can even kill me. But I need money as I will surely die without it. 

So, the "Squid Game" series is about many of us - people who have no choice or whose choices lead them inevitably to a sad end. Because no matter what, the game we play is rigged. 

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