Sunday 23 December 2018

Don't Hide the Sins of the Parents

My humble opinion at the Goodreads site about the book by Joseph Le Doux " ":

"I really appreciate the effort Joseph Le Doux put in writing this book, but, to be honest, from the perspective of the person who is suffering from severe anxiety problems, it is completely useless work. It's not helping, and it should - otherwise, what is this whole effort for? It's not explaining anything, though the title contains the word "understand". I, myself, can figure why I am so scared and why it is so hard to feel better, so I will remain at my own way of looking for help."

I was about to add that 'neuroscientists are morons', but it wouldn't be just since I don't know works of many of them and maybe there are some good books they have written. 

The opinion came for two reasons. One, the Author listed some causes of anxiety problems and none of them had any sense. Two, he wrote - correctly - that experiencing anxiety problems is very unpleasant and that most of the people (everyone I presume) want to get rid of the fear they feel every day and that the science's role is to find how to bring some relief. 

In regard to the reason one, I expressed what I really think about the causes of (my) anxiety in the previous post. Genetic or environmental factors are secondary to the relations that were built by our parents or carers when the matrix of our nervous system had been formed. 

When it comes about the reason two, I am absolutely sure that both contemporary psychiatry and science are totally wrong claiming that the sick people need to take meds (psychotropics) and that there is no other way to help them. Sorry, but this is a f***ing mistake. 

Indeed, the anxiety or fear or anything else that makes we feel frightened is awful (whole the deliberation concerning terminology was also annoying while reading). But! It didn't come from nowhere. In my case, the origin of my fears is very clear though very hard to accept out of very simple reason: I was afraid of a person who I loved the most thus I was raised in constant cognitive dissonance thus... I hid the real causes from myself and other people (sometimes other people intentionally were hiding it from me).

And the problem is in this hiding. 

Believe me, there is no better way to hide the sins of our parents than meds prescribed by psychiatrists, produced by scientists. They make us fuzzy, sleepy, spaced out... And they induce other problems - e.g. with digestive system - that even more cover the real issues. 

The only way to get better is to face the problem. Face it! Not escape. I myself didn't believe that I am strong enough to make it, but once another psychosis episode approached me, I felt that it's too much and that I need to work this problem out in a different way. 

So, it turned out that the truth sets us free for real.


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