Saturday 23 March 2019

Dear Amazon Customer, I was waiting for you

I rarely (almost never) relate to opinions about my books. But this time is special because I was waiting for this particular 'review' for a very long time. So thank you dear Amazon Customer for your time and sacrifice. 

You may read it on Amazon or here:

The book is printed in a very large font, it is double spaced (at first, I looked to see if I had mistakenly ordered the large print for visually impaired; I didn't) and the author uses no articles in her writing whatsoever. It is very choppy reading and she keeps referring to her other "posts"; I wonder if she just took part of a blog she writes and had it printed as a book. I wasted the $8+ for this one. I read LOTS of books and never bother writing a review since I can usually just trudge on through most anything, but this one is impossible. Very incohesive and no pertinent information concerning suicide. Huge disappointment!!

Let's start from the end: 'a huge disappointment'.

Well... I am not surprised. I am a disappointment for everyone around me since I was born and I mentioned that fact not once. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to die since I was six. And that's why I wrote and published the book - to tell about it. 
It is hard to know what other people expect by reading a book about someone else's suicidal thoughts and mental problems. Honestly, I don't care what people expect. Sorry, that's the fact. This very book - a collection of essays I had been writing for almost a year (yes, they were primarily part of a blog) - helped me cope with the issues that weren't solved in a psychiatric ward by the best (allegedly) shrinks in this country and by the best (allegedly) meds in this world. 
So, this time, I may have disappointed someone else but, for the first time in my life, not myself.

Second thing: 'big letters'.

Seriously?! Is this a problem? No comment.

Third: 'Waste of money'.

That happened. I feel the same buying many things even books. 

Last but not least: 'Language'.

Oh, yes. Let's get back to this topic when you learn Polish and try to publish some books in this language. 
Besides, I use now Grammarly (which btw underlined one mistake in your review) and my life is much better now ;)


Anyway, I only today realized that 'the suicidal brain' is something I forgot about. Really! It happened. As I said, my intention while writing and publishing the book wasn't helping anyone else but me. I don't know how it works but every time I wrote a post in English, something in my brain repaired itself. And once I published the book on Amazon... Well, that was a magic experience.

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