Saturday 26 January 2019


I am reading a book right now about anxiety and aggression. Yes, apparently contemporary psychology also came to the conclusion that these are two sides of one coin and there is no fear without anger and vice versa. And this is good. This is very good that I could find such a book written by a serious person who has academic degree and at the same time is considered as an authority. As I mentioned in "The Notes from the Abyss", in certain situations, we need to get these right things from important people - parents, teachers, doctors or scientists. Our nervous system craves for wisdom and support from such people.

I had an only vague conviction that I was right about anxiety-anger coexistence. It was based on my own experience and observations, but it is much better if I can read about that in the academic work, especially that, it concerns problems of little children. I thought to myself: "It is awesome that this book exists and is available. What a relief!". 

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