Friday 1 February 2019

Fear of Fears

Fear, anxiety, anger, aggression... 
These are the worst advisors we can listen to while making any decisions. 

But the king of bad aides is fear of loneliness. I reviewed my own history and I collected all the observations I had been making during my whole life, and I am sure that it is the 'fear of fears' which paralyzes us since the birth. We don't want to be alone not only because loneliness is something unpleasant or scary. For many of us, it is some kind of mark of shame, the ultimate proof we are worse, unworthy of love, not entitled to be happy or fulfilled... 

This is the story of my life - loneliness, fear of being lonely, experiencing unbearable pain of rejection or just being afraid of it. But it started to change once I realized that this is a weapon of vicious (and also scared) people who exploit this wound of mine in order to complete their own agenda. People who try to scare me with the vision of the awful future. 

But can a man be really lonely? The man who entrusted himself in God? Isn't following this fear a negation of Faith? 

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