Monday 18 February 2019

Luther's Father

As I mentioned in the previous post, behind our decisions and undertakes, there are often different reasons hidden. Different ones than we may assume. And from my experience, they usually are rooted deeply in the past, in the relations with parents. As long as we are not aware of the origin of our various 'feelings' and 'thoughts', we subconsciously try to achieve certain goals with wrong people and even institutions. And, by accident, we may change the history of civilization. 


Surprisingly, even Wikipedia provides some information about Martin Luther's relations with his father. Usually, biographies, especially of people who had lived a long time ago, ignore this aspect as if it was irrelevant. In the case of Luther, it was an absolutely crucial thing - the fear of father. The fear mixed with admiration so easily transferred to God. This very topic is so important to me, for it concerns also my problems with Faith and relations with Almighty and... with the Catholic Church.

First - transferring feelings toward people to God is a mistake, yet it is inevitable. We simply need to struggle with this problem for life and to find our own way to know God and His real Nature. 

Second - it doesn't matter that I am Catholic. If I would have been Jew or Protestant, and I would have been raised by the same mother in the same family, I would also have a problem with my religion and rites. 

In many points, Luther was right. In others, he wasn't. The whole situation required being discussed in order to find solutions and cure. It didn't require leaving the Church nor making the split. But Luther had his own, deeply hidden agenda - settling up with his abusive father. 


First - God is my Father

Second - God is not like my (biological) father

Third - pity Luther didn't know those two things...

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